Monthly Archives: November 2002

Some Wise Words

Neil Gaiman said, “We owe it to each other to tell stories.”

Word Count: 50,053

It’s over. I finished the 50,000 in a month. Of course, this is a miserable mess of a rough draft. It needs more scenes, it needs rewriting, it needs a lot of changes to make it even… Continue reading

Thanksgiving Blessings

* a loving family: blood kin back east, plus the Califamily out here

* all my other communities: church, job, online, and NaNoWriters

* Joe, one of my oldest friends, who sends me poems, smart-alec parodies, and wonderful… Continue reading

Word Count: 40,620

I can see the finish line, assuming I define 50,000 words as the finish line. It isn’t the end of the book for sure. It will be the end of the month, though. Today won’t be a… Continue reading

Word Count: 35,306

An amazing night of writing: intense, passionate, almost ecstatic. I finally went to bed around 3AM, but kept waking myself with mini-nightmares. At 4 I woke screaming and screaming with a major nightmare. My father was coming… Continue reading

Word Count: 30,466

It’s nearly 8:30 on Saturday night. So far my weekend has consisted of housework, sleep, seven loads of laundry, a few essential errands, sleep, petting Gabriel, and wanting to sleep. However, I’m planning to do a marathon… Continue reading

November 22, 1963

To most of us, this date in history carries one overwhelming meaning: the assassination of John F. Kennedy. But far away in England another eloquent Irishman was also dying. In memory of C.S. Lewis, let me offer… Continue reading

Change of Seasons

Last Wednesday, I first noticed a tinge of green, the color of an unripe apple, here and there on the hills. I had to look twice to see the faint undertone. Now the hills look like watercolors… Continue reading

Coming Soon to a Democracy Near You. . . .

It’s the classic totalitarian nightmare. No freedom, no privacy, constant surveillance, people living in fear of the government that is supposed to serve them. How would you like the government… Continue reading

Losing Brave Eyes, Part 2

What I do now is go on without courage. What I do is honor those who have been fighting fear longer than I have.

Do you have to be so melodramatic? Just shut up about… Continue reading

The greatest thing
in the world
is the Alphabet
as all knowledge
is contained therein
except the wisdom
of putting it together.
—from an old German bookplate