Monthly Archives: August 2002

The Best Commemoration Idea So Far

The Rolling Requiem is (in the words of their website):

a worldwide concert to honor those lost and those who helped others on September 11, 2001. While this terrorist tragedy took place in three… Continue reading

Baseball Miracles

The Phillies are second in their division with a 67-66 record, and the Oakland A’s (my west coast team) have the best record in the American League. Wow. Amazing.

More Gruesome than the Mütter Museum

Oh God — tours of the Philadelphia slums. Not that I need them — I finished my undergraduate education at Temple University, and that’s also where I went to grad school. I used to… Continue reading

There is nothing to do with some griefs but sing them. —Judy Collins

This Is What I Get for Talking about Medical Specimens

That’s a funny place for a bruise. Inner thigh, high up. . . . No discoloration, but a walnut-sized lump definitely tender to the touch.

That was Tuesday morning around… Continue reading

Live, from San Jose, It’s GalaxyQuest!

Actually, it isn’t, though that film is practically a documentary. I plan to sit home alone Friday night and watch it, peacefully munching popcorn, while the rest of the Califamily lives the dream at… Continue reading

We Seem to Be Taking a Morbid Turn Here

(This entry not for the squeamish. Be warned.)

But what the hell. It’s a good article on one of my favorite places in Philadelphia. There’s even a picture. (Not gruesome;… Continue reading

Getting ready for the anniversary of 9/11

Read this poem.


For months now we’ve been eating vegetables from our garden: homegrown greens and peas, zucchini and crookneck squash, amusingly shaped carrots and fragrant herbs. And now it’s tomato and pepper and lemon time. Over the weekend Sonja put up… Continue reading

Many thanks to my generous friend Joe, who sent me the copy of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony that I’m listening to now. For various reasons it’s been a difficult day, and I needed the power of a truly great piece of… Continue reading

The greatest thing
in the world
is the Alphabet
as all knowledge
is contained therein
except the wisdom
of putting it together.
—from an old German bookplate