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Same Product, Two Different Markets

Scaer/The Body Bears the Burden: Trauma, Dissociation, and Disease

Copy for trade sales
Headline: “Why does my neck still ache so much? The accident was months ago. My doctor thinks I’m crazy or lazy or faking it. What’s wrong with me?”

What’s wrong, according to The Body Bears the Burden: Trauma, Dissociation, and Disease, is that physical traumas and emotional traumas are powerfully interrelated. After decades of research into brain chemistry, Dr. Scaer has identified some of the ways that the helplessness and terror of sudden trauma induce changes in brain function and the resulting consequences these measurable chemical changes can have on muscles, digestion, blood pressure, and many other bodily systems. Using the clinical model of the whiplash syndrome, this electrifying book offers new hope to anyone suffering from whiplash, post-traumatic stress disorder, or a history of abuse. It even provides ways to cope with new traumas to minimize the emotional and physical damage!

Copy for physicians and mental health professionals
Headline: Analyze the complex interplay of emotional stress and physiological reaction

Using the clinical model of whiplash syndrome, this groundbreaking book describes the alterations in brain chemistry and function induced in individuals by what is known as traumatic stress or traumatization—experiencing a life-threatening event while in a state of helplessness. The Body Bears the Burden: Trauma, Dissociation, and Disease presents evidence of the resulting and relatively permanent alteration in neurophysiology, neurochemistry, and neuronal organization.

This book convincingly demonstrates that these changes create lasting effects on the emotional and physical well-being of the victim—changes correlated with many of the most common, yet poorly understood, physical complaints and diseases, including whiplash, migraines, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, and other painful, difficult-to-treat conditions. Further, the causes and effects of retraumatization are explored, clarifying the reasons some patients suffer fresh trauma over relatively minor incidents while others handle major traumas more easily.

This groundbreaking volume backs up its new theory of PTSD neurophysiology with cogent theory and persuasive evidence, including:

  • Case studies correlating clinical features of trauma and dissociation with compelling physiological rationales for the symptoms.
  • Solid documentation drawing from the medical and psychiatric literature of PTSD, whiplash, brain injury, epidemiology of trauma, and a variety of disease processes linked to trauma.
  • In-depth discussions of medical traumatization of patients, including the results of pediatric procedures and ineffective anesthesia.
  • Demonstrations that somatization and conversion are not imagined symptoms but result from measurable autonomic physiological alteration of the affected organ.
  • A well-documented exploration of the effect of prenatal and neonatal trauma on later emotional development, response to traumatic life events, and disease and mortality.

This impressive empirical evidence that body, brain, and mind are a continuum offers a powerful new paradigm to medical and mental health professionals, as well as new hope to sufferers from trauma. With a foreword by Bessel van der Kolk and helpful charts and figures, The Body Bears the Burden: Trauma, Dissociation, and Disease is an essential resource for the in-the-trenches professionals who confront the effects of trauma and resulting somatic consequences. It will be of compelling interest and usefulness to family practice physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners, speech and physical therapists, counselors and psychotherapists, and any medical or mental health professional who treats physical or emotional trauma.

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Subject: Civil War: The First Clash of the Blue & Gray at Fort Sumter

DATELINE: April 12, 1861, Charleston, South Carolina

In the city, General Pierre G. T. Beauregard and the Confederate troops were watching the cannons of the Union-held Fort Sumter. Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy, had demanded that the fort and its island be turned over to the new government of the South. Would Abraham Lincoln, now in the fourth week of his presidency, surrender the fort without a shot? Or would he fight for it and risk starting a bloody war?

In Fort Sumter, the Union soldiers, led by Major Robert Anderson, were facing hunger and isolation. Their mail had been cut off. Their provisions had given out, and no fresh food had reached Fort Sumter for the past five days. Federal supply ships had been sent weeks before to land food and medical supplies by night on the seaward side of the island, but they were delayed by terrible storms.

At 4:30 AM on April 12, the stalemate ended. The Confederates began bombarding Fort Sumter. At 7AM, the Union guns answered. When the federal supply ships arrived, the fort was already under siege.


The next evening, with parts of the fort burning and heavily damaged by the shelling, Major Anderson surrendered. The formal transfer took place on Sunday, April 14. The tattered and scarred Union flag was lowered at noon. Major Anderson later reported that he and his men “marched out of the fort Sunday afternoon . . . with colors flying and drums beating, bringing away company and private property, and saluting my flag with fifty guns.” He carried the flag with him.

Four years later to the day, Major Anderson, now a general, would return to raise that same flag over the shattered remnants of the fort. Anderson, a Southerner by birth and political sympathy, had nevertheless served the Union with distinction and honor. In his hands the Union flag was not one of conquest but of reunification.


The Civil War changed the United States forever. Now, in partnership with The History Channel, offers you the chance to learn more about this decisive time in American history.

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Promotional Letter

“I want to graduate from college with all my heart, but every day I hit another brick wall.” —Winnie, via email

Dear Colleague,

I’m sure you have clients who suffer from learning disabilities. And the word really is suffer. In addition to the practical struggle to learn, people with LD face a lifetime of shame, frustration, and self-blame. Now you can help liberate their intelligence and raise their self-esteem with Dr. Myrna Orenstein’s Smart But Stuck: What Every Therapist Needs to Know About Learning Disabilities and Imprisoned Intelligence.

The first book to focus on the emotional aspects of having an LD, Smart But Stuck offers you new ways to reach out to your clients and help them understand that they aren’t stupid–no matter what their teachers tell them!

This groundbreaking book discusses why and how intelligent individuals with learning disabilities are misunderstood and how shame and fear can lead to imprisoned intelligence. Smart But Stuck gives you new strategies to help your clients build self-esteem, face LD obstacles, bypass weaknesses, and enhance strengths.

“As a late diagnosee myself, I am finding your insight very helpful,” says Terri, a professional woman with LD. “Your book . . . goes with me everywhere.”

Smart But Stuck elaborates on new research about imprisoned intelligence and the emotional consequences of learning disabilities, enabling readers to:

  • understand what happens when smart people grow up suffering from learning gaps
  • discover how shame influences the learning process
  • understand what it’s like growing up being smart but feeling stupid
  • create a successful, productive life and even use their learning disabilities to their own advantage

In Smart But Stuck, you will find effective ways to empower your clients with LD to unlock their full potential.

The author of Smart But Stuck is Myrna Orenstein, PhD, who herself struggles with learning disabilities. A psychotherapist in private practice, she has written articles, authored another book, and given many presentations and workshops on imprisoned intelligence.

“In your brilliant three-page article you described my life, and every feeling I have ever felt. . . . I feel that today I have found the answers, but I am hungry for more.”—Winnie, in email

Cries from the heart like this one prompted Dr. Orenstein to write Smart But Stuck.

Your clients with learning disabilities are as hungry as Winnie for the techniques and insights that can free them. Because this topic is so important, I am offering you a 20% discount on Smart But Stuck. If you purchase five or more copies, I’ll increase that to a 30% discount so you can share it with your clients.

Order today, and you will be taking a giant step toward freeing your clients from the devastating emotional consequences of learning disabilities.

One woman wrote, “I feel desperate for an answer.” At last, with Smart But Stuck, you can give her one!


VP, Marketing

P.S. Professionals as well as clients are recommending this book:

“DR. ORENSTEIN’S BOOK IS A TRAILBLAZING EFFORT that creates an entirely novel way of talking and thinking about learning disabilities. There is simply NOTHING LIKE IT IN THE FIELD. . . Therapists, researchers, and patients themselves will get much from the wisdom of this seasoned scholar of mind and brain.”
—Fred M. Levin, MD, Training Supervising Analyst, Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis; Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Northwestern University, School of Medicine, Chicago, Illinois

The greatest thing
in the world
is the Alphabet
as all knowledge
is contained therein
except the wisdom
of putting it together.
—from an old German bookplate